[Vids] M! Countdown 01.11.2012


Today’s Winner is… K.WILL ^^


Di MCD hari ini, ada 4minute HyunA, Epik High, B.A.P, Kim Jong Kook, dan John Park yang melakukan comeback mereka. NS Yoonji menampilkan single terbarunya yang berkolaborasi dengan Jay Park. Selain itu, ada penampilan dari miss A, Jewelry, Ailee, Block B, dan yang lainnya.
Check this out ^^

AOA – Get Out

Block B – Nilili Mambo

Big Star – Think About You

Lee Seok Hoon – Because I Love You

Jewelry – Look At Me

Son Seung Yeon – Heart Heart

Mr. Mr. – Who’s That Girl

NS Yoonji ft. Jay Park – If You Love Me

B.A.P – Stop It

Kim Jong Kook – I Wish I Could

Ailee – I Will Show You

John Park – Childlike

miss A – I Don’t Need a Man

Epik High – Up + Don’t Hate Me

HyunA – Straight Up + Ice Cream

K.Will – Please Don’t…

cre: dkpopnews + simhy5 @YT
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