APRIL Berikan Bocoran Lirik untuk Album Mini “The Blue”


APRIL merilis teaser terbaru jelang comeback dengan album mini kelima “The Blue”.

Dibuat dengan gaya ASMR, para member membacakan lirik dari lagu-lagu yang terdapat dalam album, seperti “I have something to say. Lately, I’ve become weird. I can’t sleep and I’ve lost my appetite;” “I’m becoming afraid. That you won’t be able to see me anymore;” “I have a lot of things I wanted to say, but…;” “My mind isn’t listening to me…” dan “I think that I’ve found someone I want to do everything for.”

“The Blue” dijadwalkan akan rilis pada 12 Maret pukul 6 sore KST.
Source: soompi
Indotrans: anisrina


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